Easy way to pay for your ETS train ticket

A  written by Caroline Kinyua ETM stands for ‘Electric Train Service.’ The train service was introduced by Keretapi Tanah Melayu in Malaysia in 2010. It operates between the cities in Malaysia and it also connects to Thailand and Singapore. This is the second train owned by KTM after KTM Komuter. It travels at speeds of 160km/h. The train is the fastest in Malaysia and it operates on the double tracked and electrified stretch. Its speed is the same as that of the Tilt Train from Australia or the Sonic Express and Kamome Express from Japan.

8075666648_c049268971_bMalaysia has beautiful scenery that attracts a lot of tourist from the world every year. There are many modes of transport in the country but for an incredible, enjoyable and unforgettable trip between Ipoh Perak and Kuala Lumpur, traveling by train is the best mode. It is also among the cheapest mode of transport in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s capital city. The culture of the Malaysian people is alive in the city. . The Keretapi Tanah Melayu company has invested in world class trains which have revolutionized how people travel in Malaysia.

The trains are very clean, comfortable and they meet the needs of various people. Some people avoid traveling by train because they think its uncomfortable but the KTM company has made sure travelers enjoy their journey. The trains are also fitted with air conditioners, bed compartments, and washrooms. Travelers are also treated with delicious meals on the train.

Gold ETS Trains commuting between Kuala Lumpur and KTM Ipoh Perak are numbered EG93XX. For the silver ones vying the same route, they are numbered EG94XX. The gold service trains take two hours and twenty minutes while the silver ones take two and a half hours. The EG93XX stop over at 10 stations along the way. Two extra stations are included for the silver service trains. These ETS trains are among the fastest intercity trains in the world.

Passengers can choose to pay a one-way ticket or a return ticket.

Booking through the easybook.com is easy and convenient. It saves a lot of time that you would have spent queuing up and the hassles that come with it. Credits cards or electronic money transfer can be used to pay for the ticket. after paying, ensure you print out the receipt to present at the station when boarding the train. Regular customers enjoy a discount for using the online booking site.

Trains have different schedules for leaving, to get the information on the timing, please check from the ticketing website. Additional information including the time it takes for the whole journey and the pickup points is also included. What a convenient way to get all the information at the same place!

Booking Singapore to KL train through easybook.com makes the journey more convenient and enjoyable. The booking is easy, fast and the website is easy to navigate. The service makes it easy for many people to book the services from all over the world. It eliminates the inconvenience of having to travel to a booking office to make bookings.

Cloud Forest

cloudEver thought about how solid wildernesses may resemble? Singaporeans have made a radical new idea out there with planted dividers, artificial waterfalls, somethings totally strange! You can take in a ton of exotic plants, take some special pictures, appreciate an excellent perspective from to the Marina Bay Sands and only stroll around this strange world manufactured by man.

The passage costs arrive

It is worth it, despite all the trouble to go to the Flower Dome? My companions let me know “Not by any means,” so I skipped it. Try to have no less than 1,5 hours of your extra time, and bring a coat, as it is entirely crisp and soggy inside the preservation territory.

Botanic greenery enclosures

I adore parks and me that incorporates herbal patio nurseries. I think I went to one practically in every nation I visited! The one in Singapore is such a delightful park. You can ponder its back roads and get lost. It feels cutting edge, new and requested. All of a sudden you can simply wake up with a colossal water screen reptile before you.

The passage to the Botanic patio nursery is complimentary. However, I likewise do suggest going to National Orchid Garden. Unless you are some Orchid master, you will find a zillion new sorts of orchids that offer a sweet blend of visual magnificence and coordinating scent.

Different varieties of orchids are exhibited, various hues around, awesome photograph opportunities, we took many lovely pictures! Go there! :)

It is inside the Botanic greenhouse, however, has a different passageway. The costs are underneath. Note, that on the off chance that you are an understudy, remember to bring your understudy ID with you – the extra charge will be only 1$ rather than 5 $ for you. Attempt to visit in the morning when it is not very hot.